GP Services

The general practitioners offer caring, compassionate support to help deliver the best possible health outcomes.

The doctors at Woopi Medical Centre are passionate about caring for the health of your children. We are lucky to see and treat kids of all ages every day and all our practitioners love seeing kids!!!

Please come and see us if you have any concerns regarding your childs health.  We manage acute illness such as fever, infections, rashes, cough and respiratory issues such as asthma, croup, bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

We also perform baby checks, assess and track childhood development and administer childhood immunisations (including government and private immunisations available).  Skin issues such as eczema, rashes, skin lesions/ moles are commonly seen.

Really any concern with your childs health should start at your GP.  Have the confidence of a highly skilled doctor looking after your children.

We understand the importance of being seen quickly. We either want to begin treatment or be able to reassure you that your child is ok.  We keep a few on the day appointments available for this exact reason.  If we are booked out but you would like to be seen on the day our nurse will speak to you and arrange a time to see the doctor.  We also have a treatment room for emergency assessment and treatment.

Management of chronic medical conditions is essential in minimising the long-term impact and toensure the patient’s wellbeing is given priority. Woopi Medical Centre’s team of doctors specialise in the long-term management of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease
and osteoarthritis. We manage patients with multiple significant medical conditions and co-ordinate and oversee their entire healthcare.  No one is better placed to manage your overall medical issues then your GP.  We also offer a personalised program of health checks, care plans, lifestyle reviews and
health education.

One of our top priorities is managing family health. For families of all ages and sizes, we have the services to meet the needs of all members of your family. We also offer shared maternity care, sexual health and contraceptive help.  We perform newborn baby checks and monitor childhood development.  We treat both acute illness and manage chronic medical issues.  Whatever stage of life your family is at, we have the doctors to keep you healthy and well.

Vaccination is a cornerstone of preventative health.  We provide all childhood and government schedule vaccines to children, adults and the elderly.  We can also advise and offer protection against others such as meningococcal, the flu and shingles.  We can advise and administer all necessary vaccinations before undertaking overseas travel.

We provide Iron infusions in our treatment room for patients with Iron deficiency anemia (low iron causing a low red blood cell count).

We take a holistic view of health and well-being. Our doctors are highly trained and skilled in the assessment and management of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and many more. We offer primary diagnosis and assessment, co-ordination of psychologists and treatment providers and ongoing support to have you back to feeling your best.  Do not let your mental health effect how you live your life, come and speak to one of our compassionate GPs and you will not regret it!

We are strong believers in the value of preventative health measures.  GPs are experienced in preventing serious conditions before they occur.  As part of our program, we offer screening to detect chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and common cancers.  We can advise and implement measures and reduce your risk and keeping you healthy.

Our skilled doctors perform multiple different procedures in our purpose built treatment room.

These include

  • Skin biopsy (for skin cancers and rashes etc)
  • Skin Cancer removal- via excision and other techniques
  • Mirena insertion or removal
  • Implanon insertion and removal
  • Wound repair- such as laceration repair via suture (or often tissue glue for children)
  • Ingrown toenail wedge resection
  • Ear syringe for wax impaction
  • Wound dressings

Skin Cancer is our most common in Australia.

Come in and get our doctors trained in the early detection and management of skin cancer to check your skin. Concerning skin lesions can be biopsied and removed in our treatment room.

If you have any concerns for specific skin spots, book for skin check and our GP can assess and advise on the need for further management.

Woopi Medical Centre has a team of highly trained doctors directly in women’s health, many of whom have completed extra qualifications in this area.
Common Women’s health Consultations include:

  • Contraception advice
  • Sexual health
  • Pre pregnancy advice
  • Shared maternity care
  • Menopause advice
  • Cervical screening (formally called pap smear)
  • Breast checks or investigating breast symptoms such as lumps
  • Implanon and Mirena insertion